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Guilty plea in QEW death


An Oakville man has plead guilty to manslaughter in a bizarre death on the QEW near the Burlington Skyway.

Last summer, Amber Lynn Wilkinson died in the Niagara-bound lanes July 30th, 2011.  The 32-year-old had been living in Grimsby just before her death.

The Hamilton Spectator reports Wilkinson & her boyfriend met Billy Gladysz for the 1st time early that morning in Hamilton.  The couple was on a crack cocaine binge, having not slept in as many as 6 days. Gladysz offered them money to buy drugs in exchange for sexual favours.

Gladysz bought crack, which the couple smoked as they drove to his house in Burlington.  There was some sexual activity, but Wilkinson refused to do more unless she got more cash.

On the ride back to Hamilton a fight started inside the car.  The couple wanted more money, Gladysz was sure they'd stolen his cell phone.  He pulled over on the QEW & told the couple to get out.  Wilkinson's boyfriend Robbie Burns did & tried to pull Gladysz out too but couldn't.  Gladysz drove away as Burns ran, trying to catch up.

From the backseat Amber Lynn Wilkinson tried to control the car, hitting Gladysz, forcing him to pull over.  Wilkinson got out & sat on the hood of the car, lying back on the windshield.  The Spec says Gladysz took his foot off the brake & jerked the wheel, trying to get Wilkinson off the hood.  She fell off the car, hit her head & died.

Billy Gladysz is sentenced to a little over 2 years behind bars, on top of credit for 15 months pre-trial custody for the 10 months he spent locked up.

***PHOTO: Amber Lynn Wilkinson

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