itsy bitsy spider

Posted By: LauraLeigh · 4/28/2012 11:34:00 AM

I’m sure we all at one point in our lives have gotten a spider, black fly, mosquito type of bite.  I myself am super allergic to well everything so when I get those bites, I swell right up (bigger than a twoonie for a mosquito bite).  Well Thurs/Fri the spider was the culprit and although I have no idea when it got me, it did and I noticed it at the EZ Rock Radiothon at the NPCC and I noticed because my finger was itchy around my ring I always wear on my non ring finger finger.  Haha, make sense? 

Ok, so my finger is itchy at the NPCC fun event.  No biggie right?  Well 1030pm, my finger is itchy and my knuckles are swollen.  I decide to go to a pharmacy and get some allergy pills.  I took 3 and passed right out.  I wake up yesterday morn and I’m more swollen than the night before.  Hmmm.   My sister who works in a pharmacy got a few pics of my hand, including the one I added on this post and she called me and said GO TO URGENT CARE ASAP.  I did, here on Ontario St.   Safe to say yesterday from 12 noon ish to 430pm was a very long day for me.   And as I sat in the waiting room at Urgent Care I watched the spider bite eat up my hand little by little and by the time Dr Beecroft saw me my hand was red and swollen from my nails to my wrist bone.  When he asked what the problem was and checked my chart he said “LauraLeigh...hey wait, your the IceDogs girl! You have a game to get you”  I laugh and showed him my spider bite and the look on his face was combined of ‘ewww” and “oh my”

3 prescriptions later and the allergy pills to continue all for 5 days I was on my way to the IceDogs game.  The good doc even gave me my needed doses to get me through the game and here today on EZ Rock and said, “LauraLeigh, please finish these meds though even if the swelling and red goes down because the bacteria from the bite is still in your blood stream” I assured him I 100% would and he gave me a “go dogs go” on the way out.

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