The Spirit Stick

Posted By: LauraLeigh · 4/21/2012 11:06:00 AM

Ok we all know athletes are superstitious.  In fact I knew one equipment manager that HATED superstitions (he is now the NHL Habs trainer) so much that he used to cut the laces off the guys skates in the AHL so they wouldn’t think they were what was ‘lucky’.  What you might not know is those who are employed by various sports teams are also pretty superstitious.   Men wear the same tie and even full suit if their team is on a lucky streak.  Fans are also superstitious; they take the same route to the game, park in the same spot.   Basically if you love your team, you do what you can to give them the W right?  Well, we ladies who work in the world of sport definitely do not wear the same tie every game and I try my BEST to stay away from the mind games, but I had a tough decision last night.  As the OHL Niagara IceDogs MC who interacts with all the fans, I always try to look my best and that includes a very pretty pair of eye lashes.  Now, lashes can be cheap for $3 or expensive for $17 depending on the brand.  My lovely sister bought me a fantastic pair on the expensive side and did so at Christmas time.  So on New Year’s Eve I wore these lashes to the IceDogs annual end of the year game.  I got through the rest of the reg season wearing them and at that time I said to my sister, ‘Katrina, you must bring me home another set of the $17 ones, cause its playoffs and I gotta wear a new pair’.  She forgot.   Round one opens and we win.  I basically had the same conversation with her before round 2 and where she works was out of my specific kind.  I wear the old ones and the IceDogs sweep Brampton in 4.  This week the new pair of $17 lashes appear in my room.  I started thinking, hmmmm Niagara started to do really well in 2012 and I wore the SAME lashes for the reg season, round 1 and round 2, can I switch it up or am I THAT superstitious that I could play a role in the outcome of the game?  I even looked into it and the IceDogs went 17/20 with my old lashes.  I asked around and my word EVERY guy said to keep on with the old ones as “you gotta do what you gotta do to help your team win”.  IceGirl Michelle was on my side as the new lashes will make me look prettier and she told me to just bring the old ones as a good luck charm, like spirit stick in Bring It On.  I loved this idea and had the old ones in my purse all last night during game 1 of the Conference Final.  0-0 into the 3rd period was tough to swallow knowing I broke my routine, and overtime at 1-1 was nerve racking to say the least.  THANKFULLY the IceDogs owned that OT and a good portion of the game and #23 knocked in the OT winner.  PHEW!  I felt relieved as now I can wear the new lashes with confidence and not feel bad that my superstition could hurt the team. 

Now the Dogs are up 1-0 in the series, with game 2 tomorrow here at home at 2pm.  Im singing the anthem, and oh by the way, the home team doesn’t lose when I sing.  YES thats a superstition but also a proven statistic when you check the stats!  GO DOGS GO!

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