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Posted By: Brett Ness · 10/1/2013 4:45:00 PM

A new study from Cornell university concludes that the way you pour your wine and what type you prefer has a direct influence on how much wine you drink.

The study found that those who used a glass with a wider bottom poured and drank 12% more. If you hold the glass aloft instead of setting it down when you pour, you are also much more likely to "overpour" and drink more.

Also, if you happen prefer white over red, chances are you pour 9% more in your glass each time you "top up". 

Of course, there is one possibility they forgot. It might just be that you really like wine and you really really like drinking alot of it!

Really really really!!!

Often the simple answer is the right one.



Help, I am going through "the change"!

Posted By: Brett Ness · 9/30/2013 5:35:00 PM

Hello, and no, not "that" change! LOL

Without going in to details, my wife Marlene and I decided to switch the company that provides us with our "communications".  We now get TV, home phone, internet and cell from this new company.

PLEASE HELP ME!!!  I am living in a technology twilight zone!

Lets start with the internet. We sent out an email with our new address, but we keep getting calls from friends and family saying that the emails they send us keep coming back. Word is we are missing some pretty good jokes!

I have not had time to set up the number of rings and voice mail on new home phone so people only get 3 rings and then are hung up on if we are not home or on the phone. I feel like I am being rude. Sorry

Then there is the new TV set up. This is REALLY driving me ...

Too late? No way!

Posted By: Brett Ness · 7/25/2013 6:45:00 PM


Hope summer is going well and you are having lots of fun. Can't believe that it's already a month ago that the kids started summer vacation.

Are you doing all the things you promised you would do with the kids back on that cold, snowy day in February?

No? Don't panic, it is not too late...yet!

Just before the end of the school year, I made up a list of fun things I was going to do with my son Alex once he was out of school. Nearly half the summer has past and we have only scratched a few things off our the list.

I planned on swimming at the Y (a couple times), golfing (twice), fishing (once!) tennis (none!) and a hike along the bruce trail ( too hot!), and to keep Alex reading by going to the library a few times ( yeah, right!).

The good news is that there is still half a summer ...

Some random thoughts on Father's Day...

Posted By: Brett Ness · 6/13/2013 3:30:00 PM

I never thought Father's Day would mean that much to me, but it does. Not for the gifts and the pampering but because it is a reminder of how important it is to be the best Dad and Husband I can be for my family.

The best part of the day is when my son Alex jumps into bed with us in the morning and gives me a big hug and his handmade card. After that, everything else is just a bonus.

Why is it that of any day of the year, the most collect calls are made on Father's Day? Guess the kids figure Dad should always pay, even on his special day! LOL

Every year my family asks me what special dinner I would like for Fathers Day, and every year it is the same thing... Ribs, ribs and more ribs, with chinese noodle salad and home made super gooey brownies with double frosting. Oh, ...

Spring was late, blame the Leafs!

Posted By: Brett Ness · 4/30/2013 1:50:00 PM


We have been lurching back and forth between winter and spring for what seems like an eternity. With this weeks string of sunny warmer days, it would seem that spring has finally won out and kicked old man winter in the butt!

Personally I blame the NHL. With the shortend season, the playoffs are starting about three weeks later than usual, therefore so did spring.

The fact that Hell froze over and the Leafs made the playoffs made it even worse!!! LOL...

Only in Canada does the game of hockey control the seasons.

So now suddenly spring is here and I already feel sooooo far behind. The "to do" list is longer than a bad wedding speech!

The garden beds look a mess, the grass is suddenly ankle deep and I don't have the lawn mower or weed eater tuned up, trim the trees and bushes, the patio needs to be power washed, time to ...

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