July 27, 2004
Fuel 2000
Latin, Latin Jazz, Cuban Jazz, World Fusion, Mambo, Cuban Traditions

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Track Listing

  1. Mi Ritmo Llego [My Rhythm Is Here]
  2. Desilusion [I'm Disillusioned]
  3. Despierta Boricua [Wake Up, Puerto Rican]
  4. Guaguanco a Mexico [Guaguanco for Mexico]
  5. No Seras Para Mi [You Will Never Be for Me]
  6. Macho
  7. Soy Salsero [I Sing Salsa]
  8. Nicolasa
  9. El Bodeguero [The Wine Keeper]
  10. Cero Codazos [No Nudges]
  11. Patricia
  12. Mambo Inn
  13. Cha, Cha, Rene [Rene Cha Cha]
  14. Clap Your Hands Cha Cha
  15. Cha Cha Castanetas [Castanetas Cha Cha]
  16. Oyeme Mama [Here Me Mama]
  17. Mi Musica Es Para Ti [My Music Is for You]
  18. Sambia
  19. Corazon de Melon [Melon's Heart]