July 23, 2002
Pop/Rock, Soft Rock, Adult Contemporary, Contemporary Pop/Rock, AM Pop

Album Review

Over 77 minutes of music by Captain & Tennille can be found on More Than Dancing...Much More, the Australian Raven Records label's exquisite compilation of the ten songs from the rare 1982 More Than Dancing LP along with 11 bonus tracks. And it is much more than dancing. For fans of pop music, Toni Tennille's voice is pure magic deserving more than the nine Top 40 hits the duo garnered between 1975 and 1979. That those original nine hits started and ended with chart-toppers on two different labels says a lot about the industry's inability to stay with a radio-friendly sound. This album is seamless, despite the fact the tracks were recorded at different points in time. "Boy Crazy" jumps out as just a great girl group song, if only Toni Tennille had invited Barbara Harris from the Toys, Supreme Mary Wilson, and the great Doris Troy to join in on this gem. The singer's rendition of "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) is lively and adds to the legend created when Marvin Gaye, Junior Walker, and James Taylor brought it to the airwaves. This mid-'90s version has smash written all over it, with a wailing sax and fun, bouncy feel. It's in direct contrast to the sultry "Nobody Does It Better," and the vibe Captain & Tennille give is one of a couple continuing to have fun without the constraints of major-label politics. Their music reflects that boundless enthusiasm. The six cover songs that conclude the CD were released in 1995 on the European disc Twenty Years of Romance. There's a 12-page booklet where Daryl Dragon gives his thoughts and liner note information chock-full of cool photos and insight on the sounds. It's another grand slam from Raven, a label that has intuition and a handle on how to preserve this valuable music for the ages. More Than Dancing...Much More should appeal to pop cultists as well as to the mainstream fans of this lovingly persistent and timeless pair. Guest stars include Bobby Caldwell, Tom Scott, and Richard Page from Mr. Mister, with song contributions from Tom Snow, Bruce Johnston, and others.
Joe Viglione, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Don't Call It Love
  2. Let's Visit Heaven Tonight
  3. Fire Away
  4. Feels Like More Than Dancing
  5. Tango
  6. Davey I Misbehave
  7. Don't Let Love Go
  8. Heartbeat
  9. I Must Be in Love
  10. Come to Me
  11. Come on a My House [*]
  12. Mr. Persuasion [*]
  13. Get Ready Teddy [*]
  14. Denny's Such a Flirt [*]
  15. Boy Crazy [*]
  16. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) [*]
  17. Nobody Does It Better [*]
  18. Love Survives [*]
  19. Baby Come to Me [*]
  20. Save the Best for Last [*]
  21. Wind Beneath My Wings [*]