September 22, 1998
Phantom Import Distribution
Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal, Album Rock, Hard Rock, Arena Rock, Pop-Metal

Album Review

When MTV refused to air Kiss' one and only video from their 1998 reunion album, the title track from Psycho Circus (for reasons unknown), the masters of merchandising saw another golden opportunity to rake in the cash. The official Psycho Circus Video includes the 3-D video (plus 3-D glasses), and also comes with a CD-single which features the title track as well as a non-album song, Ace Frehley's "In Your Face," plus a screensaver, and software to connect to Kiss' official website, Kiss Online. And knowing full well that there are some Kiss fanatics that need to buy every last piece of merchandise ever issued, each CD-single comes with a cover of a single bandmember. In other words, completists will have to buy the Psycho Circus Video 4 times in order to get a complete set! The featured video clip itself is pretty entertaining - the bandmembers perform against various computer-generated backdrops, while images of their best-known gimmicks are also featured (Gene Simmons drooling blood, etc.). Still, the Psycho Circus Video will be of interest to hardcore fans only.
Greg Prato, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Psycho Circus
  2. Within
  3. I Pledge Allegiance to the State of Rock & Roll
  4. Into the Void
  5. We Are One
  6. You Wanted the Best
  7. Raise Your Glasses
  8. I Finally Found My Way
  9. Dreamin'
  10. Journey of 1,000 Years
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